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11 reasons to become an Affiliate Marketer


Tired on your daytime Job ?

Start an affiliate business and tell your boss "I Quit".

Here is a summary of benefits you enjoy as an affiliate marketer.


1. Low start-up cost

You probably already have a computer with an internet connection and this is basically all you need except for a couple of hundred dollars for web hosting, domains and a few other things. Affiliate programs are free to join.

If you start your affiliate career with the CBMALL solution you can start an affiliate for the cost of a normal book and don't even need your own home page.


2. No inventory

As an affiliate you don't sell "goods" yourself you just sell information so the risk and start-up cost is greatly reduced.


3. No employees

You can run the business yourself without employees unless you get really successful as an affiliate (and that is good in itself). Employees are the biggest expense for a business.


4. No customer to worry about

Since you are referring customer and not selling the goods yourself you don't have to worry about customer support and complaints.


5. Work from a convenient place

You can work from home or from wherever in the world you are at the moment. All you need is access to a computer and an internet connection.


6. A huge global market

You are not limited to your region but have access to a huge global market. The web is growing with millions of users every month and they are all available to you.


7. Passive income

A site needs very little effort after the initial set-up and you keep earning money while you sleep or go to the beach.

An affiliate site is not 100% maintenance free but only need a few hours now and then for maintenance. Instead you can focus on setting up more affiliate sites that generates revenue for you.


8. Unlimited products and services to promote

A huge number of products and services are available through affiliate programs and they are not difficult to find.


9. Minimal risk

You have very low start-up cost and no inventory so if it doesn't work you can just dump it and try something else.

You can keep your daytime job while starting up the affiliate so you can be confident it works before you go to your boss and say "I quit".


10. No order handling or shipping

The customer is not buying directly from you so you don't need take and ship orders. Let someone else worry about that.


11. Freedom

You have no punch clock and no boss as an affiliate so you are in the driver's seat. It's up to you when you work and what you do. You can take vacation whenever you want.

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