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I have collected some useful information in this section of the web site.


Highly competitive keywords

I have compiled a very powerful list of highly competitive keywords i give to you for free. It is updated monthly to accomodate for the latest changes in search patterns.

I'll give you the full list with many more competitive keywords if you sign up for my 10 day's to profitability mini course. It's absolutely FREE with no strings attached.


Affiliate Marketing

I can't think of a much better business modes than affiliate marketing. It's good for both the merchant and the affiliate.

Imagine you can go to your boss and say "I Quit" and make a living on an affiliate business instead. You can earn money while going to the beach but it's of course better is you use the time to set up even more profitable sites.

I want to read more about Affiliate Marketing



I have collected some articles related to Search ENgine Optimization and Internet Marketing which should be interesting for you.

Read the articles here


Product Reviews

I will write reviews of products i like and post them on this site. I won't waste my time on writing reviews for products i dislike unless they are so bad i want to warn you about them.

Read the reviews here



I just love books and my collection grow by the minute.

I'm frequently amazed that the "experts" reveal their secrets and publish them in books. You can shortcut so many mistakes and gain so much time by reading books.

I'm sure i have gained years of learning and saved thousands of dollars just by reading a few good books.

I want to save my money and time by learning quickly from the masters

Good Links

10 day's to profitability mini course
Affiliate Marketing
Highly competitive keywords
Product reviews

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