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Product Reviews


Read reviews before you buy anything to avoid costly mistakes


I have been lazy to write products reviews and really need a kick in my b!*t.

I have only published one review so far but more is coming soon. Please check back often.


Software Reviews


Keyword Elite Review
Software for Keyword Research and much more


Useful resources i use myself and highly recommend


The king of Keyword research tools and endorsed by most experts. Known to have the cleanest databasewith statistics of search behavior of all keyword research tools.

I personally use WebCEO for most of my SEO tasks and are very satisfied but keyword research is so important that i want the best and therefore use WordTracker.

Take advantage of the free WordTracker trial


Keyword Discovery
A great software for keyword research and highly recommended. The database is bigger and they have a few more features ocmpared to WordTracker. The WordTracker database is however moreaccurate.

I frequently use Keyword Discovery for keyword research.

Check out the free Keyword Discovery trial offer


Keyword Elite
This is specialized software for generating keywords for your SEO and Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. You can even spy on your competitors to find out what they are doing (and it's legal).

Read Keyword Elite Review : Buy Keyword Elite now


WebCEO - A fully integrated approach to SEO
WebCEO contains a full set of functionality for everything you need in SEK. This also includes also a keyword research module that helps you find new keywords and analyze search volumes and competition. It's not as accurate as WordTracker and Keyword Discovery but still very useful.

Web CEO have a free download containing most of the functionality with no obligations. The keyword research module in the demo version contains all functionality but is limited in how many keywords you can research.

Download a free copy of WebCEO


AWeber autoresponder
The ultimate time saver for the affiliate marketer ever built. Imagine to maintain subscriptions and un-subscriptions for thousands of subscribers by yourself. You end up working like crazy and still and up with a messy subscriber list. Not so with AWeber, they take care of all this for a small monthly or yearly fee. They have lot's of templates and other supporting material that helps you to hit the ground running.

Save time and problem with Aweber


The affiliate link cloaker
There are sharks out there that want to steal you hard earned money by hijacking your affiliate links. To protect your money you can cloak your links so no one can hijack them and take your money. This kind of cloaking is perfectly ethical and should not be mixed up with blackhat SEO. Affiliate link cloaker cloaks your links in a breeze and you can feel safe.

The affiliate link cloaker is available for instant download


SEO Elite
This software by Brad Callen is similar to WebCEO and a great choice for search engine optimization. SEO Elite is a hugely popular software for search engine optimization and many experts use this tool. It's very powerful but still easy to use for the beginner. It contains functionality for everything you need in search engine optimization.

SEO Elite comes with a 50+ page SEO guide written by the SEO expert Aaron Wall, from seobook.com. Aaron Wall is the author of the best SEO Book in the market.

Take a look at SEO Elite


SEO Book by Aaron Wall
This is hands down the best and up-to-date book about SEO. The search engines changes their algorithm all the time so a book quickly get outdated, but not Aaron's book.

Aaron's 270+ page book is updated once every 1-2 months and comes with lifetime free updates. The book also includes a large amount of free SEO tools and is available for instant download. Includes all you need to know about SEO and more.

Aaron Wall is a well known SEO expert and runs a very appreciated SEO blog on his site.

Get a head start with Aaron Wall's SEO Book


Google Cash
Make money on the internet without having your own web site! Google Cash describes how you can use Google AdWords to make within hours without building your own site.

Google Cash for immediate download


Turn words into traffic
This is my favorite ebook on how to write and publish articles. It really helps you throughout the whole process from identifying topics to publish the articles. This is the book that got me to start writing articles and i havent looked back. It contains all you need to know about writing articles and publish them.

Turn words into traffic is available for instant download


Make your content PREsell
This ebook is about writing articles but writing content for your web site. You should leave the hard selling to the merchants landing page and PREsell the product yourself. The layout of the book is slightly messy in my opinion but i love reading it over-and-over again. It's a book that really makes you think and it's incredibly cheap.

Make your content PREsell is available for immediate download


Write and publish your own ebook in as little as 7 days
This book is aimed for those who plan to write ebooks. It's written by the same author as Turn words into traffic and John Vitale, the famous author of the Hypnotic Marketing product line.

The ebook is available for instant download


Google Adwords Handbook
This book contain all you need to know for successful PPC campaign on Google Adwords. It leads you through keyword research to setting up the Google AdWords account with great detail and analysis. You get to know all the insider secrets of Google Adwords.

The drawback with the book is that it's somewhat hard to read due to the layout. The price you pay for this inconveniance is however small in comparison to what you could pay for a bad AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords Handbook for immediate download


Yahoo Search Marketing Handbook
Explains in great detail how to succeed with PPC campaigns on Yahoo. The Yahoo user interface is very confusing and this book make a good work of explaining the pitfalls you can lose money on. The book is much easier to read than the Google Adwords Handbook and provides very useful information.

Yahoo Search Marketing Handbook for immediate download


How the pay per click money machine works
I'm very serius about making money through PPC, are you? If you are serious to learn about pay per click i recommend this very comprahensive ebook. Packed with information and case studies. The only drawback i find is a slightly funky interface.

How the pay per click money machine works


The Rich Jerk
He is arrogant and definitely a jerk but if you can stand all his stupid comments you can also get rich. No i don't think you will become rich over night but you'll get a good start in the right direction.

Just promise me you don't take on the same awful attitude when you done it.

The Rich Jerk is available for instant download

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