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Top 10 reasons for writing Articles and giving them away

Writing articles makes you become an expert and gain credibility.

Don't waste time - Start doing it Now !


Writing articles is a very popular way to market a site for many good reasons. This is a list of the most important reasons writing articles are such a good way to market yourself and your business.


1. You the expert

Take a look in a newspaper and read one ad and one article. Do you think the ad or the article is more credible? I bet you believe more in what's written in the article than what's written in the ad.

By publishing articles you automatically become an expert in the reader's eyes and you and your business gain an enormous credibility.

When people have read your articles and arrive to your site they already trust you. This can do miracle for you sales.


2. Free publicity

A good free article spreads like a virus. Encourage eZines and web site owners to publish your article for free as long as they include your resource box and give you credit.

You become somebody and it's good for your image.


3. Drives traffic

If you get eZines, web sites and article submission sites to host your article with your resource box it will drive free traffic to your site.

Your sales and affiliate commissions increases when traffic grows.


4. Builds Link popularity

When your articles are published on other sites you get links through the resource box you include in the article. More links means better link popularity and better ranking on the search engines.

Better ranking on the search engines leads to more free traffic and more sales.


5. Content for your book

Writing a whole book can be a daunting task but writing articles is easy. Before you know it you have enough material to compile to your own book you can sell.

Why not compile the articles into an e-book you give away for free. If you include your affiliate links and links to your own site in the e-book you can drive both affiliate sales and traffic to your site.


6. Book material for others

Other authors want your articles for their books. You can give it away free of charge if they credit and refer to you or you can charge for the articles. Either way you can make money on the articles.


7. Great content for your web site

Articles become great content on your site.

I suggest you make a slightly different version of the article you place on your own site to avoid being penalized by the search engines for duplicate content.

Your site becomes more "sticky" if your have plenty of good content on your site. A sticky site means that the visitor stays longer and come back often and this increases your click troughs to affiliate links.


8. Unified content on your web site

If you mix content from many authors you get many writing styles. If you write the content yourself you get a unified "voice" in the content.

You can also target your content towards your target group.


9. Increased affiliate commission

It is often possible to get more commission from affiliate managers if you have lots of good and relevant content on your site.

There is one product I can recommend that is head and shoulders over everything else when it comes to article writing.

"Turn your words into traffic" by Jim and Dallas Edwards leads you through the whole process from finding topics to write about, writing articles, formatting your articles and submitting them to eZines and web sites. This is an invaluable e-book for the article marketer.

"Turn your words into traffic" is available through immediate download.

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