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PPC Marketing Guide


Do you want to increase traffic to your site within minutes ?

Then PPC Search Engines are your best tool.

Driving traffic to a new web site through Pay per Click search engines is the fastest and most reliable method. Within hours you can get hundreds or even thousands of visitors without even being indexed by the search engines. Well executed you can make lot's of money on PPC search engines.

As you might have guessed it comes with a price, you have to pay for every visitor no matter if they buy from you or not.

PPC search engines works like an auction and you bid a maximum price you are willing to pay for a keyword. The better you pay in comparison to your competitors the higher position you get.

The biggest players are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing but there are many other smaller PPC search engines.

Many things can and will go wrong in PPC campaigns, especially the first time you try.

  • You could pay big money for few visitors
  • You could pay big money for lot's of traffic but very little sales

The main reason for failed campaigns is targeting the wrong keywords. The key is of course to find lot's of RELEVANT keywords with very little competition.

Make sure you know what you're doing before you start spending big money on PPC campaigns.

I suggest you take a look at the books i recommend below and read the article "Pay per click search engines and how they work".


I personally use and highly recommend the following books

Google Adwords Handbook
This book contain all you need to know for successful PPC campaign on Google Adwords. It leads you through keyword research to setting up the Google AdWords account with great detail and analysis. You get to know all the insider secrets of Google Adwords.

The drawback with the book is that it's somewhat difficult to read due to the layout. The price you pay for this inconveniance is however small in comparison to what you could pay for a bad AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords Handbook for immediate download

Yahoo Search Marketing Handbook
Explains in great detail how to succeed with PPC campaigns on Yahoo. The Yahoo user interface is very confusing and this book make a good work of explaining the pitfalls you can lose money on. The book is much easier to read than the Google Adwords Handbook and provides very useful information.

Yahoo Search Marketing Handbook for immediate download

Google Cash
Make money on the internet without having your own web site! Google Cash describes how you can use Google AdWords to make within hours without building your own site.

Google Cash for immediate download

How the pay per click money machine works
I'm very serius about making money through PPC, are you? If you are serious to learn about pay per click i recommend this very comprahensive ebook. Packed with information and case studies. The drawback i find in this ebook is a somewhat "funky" interface.

How the pay per click money machine works

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