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Create Great Content


Content is King !

Good content is key to a successful web site in the long term.


Visitors are looking for content, great content, and that is what makes them stick to your site and make them return to your site.

Good content is primarily about the visitor and her needs and not about your products or yourself. Good content communicate directly to the visitor.

Good content is what you have to give your visitors.

Internet readers and not really readers they are in fact scanners due to the immense amount of information. It is therefore important that you make your content scannable for the readers.

Here are a few guidelines on how to write your content.

  • Use a title that catches the visitor's interest and at the same time relevant.
  • Underline your keywords or mark them in bold but don't overdo it.
  • Write in a simple and clear language and don't try to impress with your superior language skills.
  • Be sure to correct spelling errors.
  • Keep paragraphs short and simple with about 1-4 sentences per paragraph.
  • Never change topic in the same paragraph.
  • Don't hard sell on affiliate sites and articles, you should PREsell as Ken Evoy teaches in his incredible book "Make your content PREsell".
  • Make your content personal and write directly to the reader.
  • Break up the content in short chapters with a headline for each chapter to make it scannable.
  • Make it interesting and useful for the reader!

Anyone can write their own content, it's not difficult. Basic language skills and a little creativity is all you need.

I'd like to take this opportunity to recommend a book called "Make your content PREsell" by Ken Evoy. It's a great book for all of us that creates content. I know you will learn a lot from this treasure.

Make your content PREsell is avaliable for instant download here


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