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Keyword Research Guide for Search Engine Optimization


Optimizing your web pages for the wrong keywords will bring you little or no traffic or irrelevant traffic.

Read how you can ensure your web pages are targeted to the right keywords.

Keyword research is the foundation of all search engine optimization. You are lost in nowhere if you target the wrong keywords.

The Keyword research for organic search engine listnings and Pay per Click (PPC) search engine listnings is basically the same but the final goal is different.

In keyword research for organic search engine listnings you must focus and only select 1-3 keywords per web page.

In keyword research for PPC search engines you want a huge keyword list as the final result, sometimes several thousand keywords.

In keyword research you need to look at the following factors.

  • Competition (supply)
  • Search volumes (demand)
  • Relevancy between keyword and your content

It's nothing else than market economy in action.

Keyword research can be tedious and nearly impossible without good tools but this is luckily not a big problem. There are lots of great keyword research tools on the market.

For more information about keyword research i suggest you read the following articles.


I personally use and recommend the following products for keyword research.

The king of Keyword research tools and endorsed by most experts. Known to have the cleanest databasewith statistics of search behavior of all keyword research tools.

I personally use WebCEO for most of my SEO tasks and are very satisfied but keyword research is so important that i want the best and therefore use WordTracker for keyword research.

Take advantage of the free WordTracker trial


Keyword Discovery
A great software for keyword research and highly recommended. The database is bigger and they have a few more features compared to WordTracker. The WordTracker database is however more accurate.

I frequently use Keyword Discovery for keyword research.

Check out the free Keyword Discovery trial offer


Keyword Elite
This is specialized software for generating keywords for your SEO and Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. You can even spy on your competitors to find out what they are doing (and it's legal).

Read Keyword Elite Review : Buy Keyword Elite now


SEO Book by Aaron Wall
This is hands down the best and up-to-date book about SEO. The book contain many ideas and tools on how to perform keyword research.

Aaron's 270+ page book is updated once every 1-2 months and comes with lifetime free updates. The book also includes a large amount of free SEO tools for keyword research and is available for instant download.

Aaron Wall is a well known SEO expert and runs a very appreciated SEO blog on his site. I'm sure he's got SEO as blood type.

Get a head start with Aaron Wall's SEO Book


WebCEO - A fully integrated approach to SEO
WebCEO contains a full set of functionality for everything you need in SEK. This also includes also a keyword research module that helps you find new keywords and analyze search volumes and competition. It's not as accurate as WordTracker and Keyword Discovery but still very useful.

Web CEO have a free download containing most of the functionality with no obligations. The keyword research module in the demo version contains all functionality but is limited in how many keywords you can research.

Download a free copy of WebCEO


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