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Web site Quality Control


Poor web site quality can prevent you web site from being indexed properly.

It will also hurt your credibility.


There are a few things related to the quality of your site that can have a very negative impact on your ranking on search engines and drive your visitors crazy.

Dead links

  • Missing images
  • Missing or duplicate META tags
  • Big and slow loading pages
  • Very deep pages

All these problems can have a negative affect on your ranking. It also affects how your visitors percieve your site and thereby your conversion rate.

How do you react if you come to a site with dead links?

If the search engine can't find a page due to a dead link it wont index the page either. If the page isn't indexed i won't be ranked, it's simple logic...

Controlling your web site quality is the first thing to do before you even think about keyword research or web page optimization.

Read the following article about important quality factors for web sites.

WEB CEO have a great functoinality that checks 90% of all problems with a click of a button. It's also great for all other Search Engine Optimization tasks you ever need to perform.

WEB CEO have saved my honor many times when i had dead links and many other problems so i highly recommend it.

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