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Submit site to Search Engines and build Link Popularity


The work is not over when you optimized you web pages.

This guide will help you how to submit your site and build link popularity over time


There are three main tasks that needs to be done.

  1. Promote your site by submitting it to search engines and directories.
  2. Build link popularity through getting high quality links from other web sites.
  3. Analyze your result by closely checking your ranking and conversion rates.

Building link popularity is one of the most important factors when achieving high ranking on search engines. The quality of the links are as important as the quantity of the links so don't fall for those FFA (Free For all Links) offers, they are basically worthless and can even be harmful for your site.

Optimizing a web page might influence the conversion rate and visitor behavior so you need to follow it very carefully. Attracting a large amount of traffic is useless if the visitor hit's the "back button" directly after they entered your site.

Checking your ranking is simple work but tedious if you do it manually. The conversion rate is basically impossible to check without good tools.

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