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On-page Search Engine Optimization


Your search engine ranking and traffic might suffer because a spider misunderstood the content.

Read how you can write your web pages so both a search engine spider and a human being can understand and like them.

When you create web pages you have two types of audience.

  1. The visitor coming to your site looking for information
  2. The search engine spider

To be successful you need to satisfy both the visitor and the search engine spider. If you fail to satisfy your visitor they will just leave and never come back. If you fail to satisfy the search engies spider you won't have any free traffic at all.

There are two main things to optimize on the web page.

  1. The body text should include your keywords as frequently as possible while still looking natural. Don't include your keywords so frequently it looks strange.
  2. Include your keywords in the META tags in the HTML code. Most of the META tags except the Title tag are invisible to the visitor but important to the spider.

For more information about web page elements that matters you can read "META tags and other HTML elements influencing ranking"


I personally use all these resources and can highly recommend them for search engine optimization.

SEO Elite
This software by Brad Callen is similar to WebCEO and a great choice for search engine optimization. SEO Elite is a hugely popular software for search engine optimization and many experts use this tool. It's very powerful but still easy to use for the beginner. It contains functionality for everything you need in search engine optimization.

SEO Elite comes with a 50+ page SEO guide written by the SEO expert Aaron Wall, from seobook.com. Aaron Wall is the author of the best SEO Book in the market.

Take a look at SEO Elite

SEO Book by Aaron Wall
This is hands down the best and up-to-date book about SEO. The book contain all you need to know about web page optimization. The book includes detailed optimization advice for all important search engines.

Aaron's 270+ page book is updated once every 1-2 months and comes with lifetime free updates. The book also includes a large amount of free SEO tools for search engine optimization.

Aaron Wall is a well known SEO expert and runs a very appreciated SEO blog on his site. I'm sure he's got SEO as blood type.

Get a head start with Aaron Wall's SEO Book

WebCEO - A fully integrated approach to SEO
WebCEO contains a full set of functionality for everything you need in SEO. You just set your preferences and click the start button and after a few seconds you get detailed advice how to change your web page. You can also get a comparison between your web page and the top 10 competitors to see what they are doing right that you don't do.

Web CEO have a free download containing most of the functionality with no obligations. The web page optimization module in the demo version contains most functionality but have some limitations.

Download a free copy of WebCEO

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