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19 Proven Strategies for Efficient Link Building


Link popularity and other "off-page" factors are considered more important for a high ranking on search engines.

Building Link Popularity can be frustrating so use these strategies to make it easier.


Other people link to your site either because they love or hate your site or it's a business relationship of some sort. It's your choice which reason you prefer.

Let's take a look at the best strategies for efficient link building.


1. Link exchange

Can still be useful but don't overdo it. Make sure the other site is of high quality and trusted by the search engines.

Try to get the links as text links within the content instead of a long list of links.


2. Make your content clear, simple and correct

Make your content clear and easy to understand. Nothing kills credibility as fast as spelling errors so make sure to run a spell check.

Bad content will make other web masters hesitent to place a link to your web site.


3. Press releases

Syndicating a press release but make sure you have something newsworthy.


4. Buy traffic

Buying traffic through a PPC campaign will increase the traffic to your site and some will link to it. This is especially useful for a new site before it gets organic traffic.


5. Your competitors

No I'm not asking you to call your fiercest competitors and ask for links to improve your ranking.

You should look at who's linking to your competitors because it's highly likely that many of them also are willing to link to you.


6. Arite and syndicate Articles

Syndicate articles are a great way to create links and drive traffic. Just make sure to add a link to your homepage in the resource box.


7. Submit to directories

Submit your site to free quality directories such as Yahoo and DMOZ. You can also pay for inclusion in a directory.

Make sure the directories are of high quality before you spend time on them.


8. Make "top 10" lists of all sorts

Top 10 lists (like this one) are easy to link to and fortunately also quite easy to write. It doesn't have to be a list of 10, make as many or few bullets as you want.


9. Forums

Include a link to your web site at the bottom of each post you make and in the "personal profile" section. Make sure you read the forum guidelines before you do it.

Good posts make you noticed as an authority and make other web master's link to you.


10. Amazon.com

Create product lists and make reviews on Amazon.com can give you attention and attract links.


11. Testimonials

Writing testimonials for other products can work well but make sure you get a link to your site. It makes people believe you are successful and therefore worthy of a link.


12. Ask friends and relatives

Friends, relatives and colleagues are easy to get links from. Is very useful in the beginning to get your site notices and indexed by the search engines.


13. Blogs

A good blog with insightful comments can drive traffic and attract links to your web site.


14. Outsource

You can outsource the link building to a consultant.


15. Rent links

Rent high quality links from a broker or a web site.


16. Old sites

Buy an old trusted site with good links and link it to your site can give you a kick start for a new site.


17. Offer free tools

A selection of free tools you give away works as a link magnet.


18. Content is King

Nothing beats good content as a link magnet.

Take the time you're spending on black hat techniques to cover up for your bad content…

… And use it to create good content.


19. Become hated

Yes, hatred attracts lots of links.

Make a brave controversial statement and links should start pouring in. Some people migh even love you for it...

…But be prepared to protect yourself

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